MEGT Institute

Paid Internships (TRV)

MEGT childcare students can apply for a paid internship after successfully completing their MEGT diploma in Children’s Services through Training and Research Visa (TRV) Subclass 402.

The Australian Government allows those who wish to enhance their career by working and training in Australia to use the Training and Research Visa (TRV) to achieve this outcome. This was previously known as the Occupational Trainee Visa (OTV) subclass 442.

The Training and Research Visa is essentially the same as the previous Occupational Trainee Visa except it has a new name and a new subclass.

The new Training and Research visa allows the worker to train and improve skills and knowledge with on the job training in their career area for up to 12 months. The job role is usually that of a new graduate training towards a managerial position.

The minimum qualification is an MEGT Children’s Services Diploma and the candidate must have graduated and have their documents ready before applying for the visa.

MEGT (Australia) Ltd is a registered Training & Research Sponsor with the Department of Immigration  and Border Protection(DIBP) for the Training and Research Visa (TRV) Subclass 402.

The advantages of the TRV

  • making real connections with industry
  • adding an Australian paid work experience on the CV
  • full time wages in accordance to the award (government approved) wage
  • enhancing your diploma with job skills
  • a great step towards a professional career.


Basic requirements

Basic requirements to apply for TRV

  • MEGT is the Training & Research Sponsor  and monitors the training
  • have a nominating employer
  • letter of support from employer indicating salary
  • a training plan based on your work with your employer(must be individualised)
  • CV (work history)
  • health insurance (travel insurance)
  • passport
  • must work a minimum of 30 hours per week
  • applicants on student visas may apply in Australia butmust finish their principal course first.

Step by Step Process

  1. Speak with MEGT staff – send your completed CV – please ensure it is up to date with correct names and dates with MONTHS and YEARS from and to when to explain your work history
  2. Arrange appointment with MM Migration*
  3. Deposit of $500 required (if unsure that you want to commit – consultation of $220 which will be deducted from overall fees should you decide to go ahead with TRV)
  4. Sign cost agreement and 956 form
  5. Make second payment
  6. Receive checklist of documents
  7. MEGT to commence training plan – we will contact you to organise meeting
  8. Give documents to MMMigration in one meeting and sign relevant application form
  9. Lodge nomination and visa application

How much does it cost?

  • $5500 including GST
  • This includes visa fees
  • This does not include medicals, IELTS (if required), police checks (if required) , insurance or translations
  • This is payable in two parts – half to commence the process and half payable on lodgement

Note this is general information only as each person’s case is different. Regarding  Australian immigration matters only a registered migration agent or migration lawyer can give qualified advice.

What happens after the TRV?

This depends on individual circumstances. The options are;

  1. Return to a student visa and continue to an undergraduate program in Early Childhood Education. MEGT Institute currently has an articulation agreement with The University of Western Sydney (UWS) which gains a full year exemption.
  2. Employer nominated visa – The TRV is an accepted pathway by DIBP to other types of sponsorship visas e.g. Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (Subclass 457).
  3. By completing the training with the employer you are putting yourself in an ideal position to obtain further sponsorship pathways proves genuineness of intention to work in your nominated occupation
 For more details check out our TRV Fact Sheet